Valentine’s Day in Japan

Valentine’s Day in Japan
On Valentine’s Day, Japanese women bring a bag of chocolates to wherever they go and give one by one to colleagues, classmates or someone important.
In their chocolate bag, there’re different types of chocolates. The difference maybe in price or the depth of gratitude depend on who they give to.
Giri choko (義理チョコ) is for obligation, it can go anyone such as colleague, clients or classmate.
Honmei choko (本命チョコ) is for love. Only one (or two?) will go to someone who is loved. Some women prepare handmade chocolate for this special one and wrap it very nicely by themselves then write a message card next to it.
Tomo choko (友チョコ) is for friendship. It is normally exchanged between girls.
Jibun choko (自分チョコ) is for themselves. They put a lot of effort preparing for this day, they surely deserve one for themselves. And this one seems the most expensive piece (I’m sorry if I’m wrong).
You might think Japanese custom isn’t fare. What’s Japanese men doing? Don’t worry, there’s a special day for Japanese men to treat women which is exactly in a month, 14th March. It’s called White Day.
Oh well, there’s a plenty of time to think about as well. Would you imagine what Japanese men are expected for this day?
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